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Anhui Xintao New Material Technology Co.,ltd is specialized in R & D, production and sales of calcium carbonate, its main products includes ultra-fine active calcium carbonate, nano calcium carbonate, PVC special calcium carbonate , GCC etc. Anhui Xintao New Material Technology Co.,ltd, found in 2008, is located in Xuancheng, Anhui province.
Our company is specialized in R & D, productionk and sales of calcium carbonate, its main products are ultra-fine calcium carbonate, nano calcium carbonate, PVC special calcium carbonate, super fine and white PCC, ultra-fine GCC etc. Products whitness is above 97%, from 400m to 3000m withstable PH between 8.5 to 9.5. Our company has strong technological power and testing technology. Our company has passed quality and management system certificates and won 5 innovation patents and 10 practical patents. Our company has won Anhui famous trademark. In order to serve our customer better, our company has established offices in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhengzhou and Sichuan, we also set up production lines in Yaan, Sichuan and Hezhou, Guangxi. to provide products for the customers in time. In 2003, We expanded our foreigh markets, our products are well received abroad since it is of high quality and reasonable price.
The advantages of our company: Our company has a large storage of natural resources reserve. We ensure our ore is not polluted during transportation, The ore is of high whiteness and purity.
Our company has many professional engineers, we also keep a close relationship with many well-known universities such as Tongji University, To ensure updated technological products can be applied to production in time. Our company has advanced testing equipments, we strictly implement ISO: 2008 Quality & Management system, ensure every batch of the product meet the needs of our customer.
Our company is located in a very convenient location, adjecant to both Jiangsu, zhengjiang.
We use high-quality marble, all products are produced through selecting, washing, drying, crushing, grinding and classficatin etc.

Company name: Anhui Xintao New MaterialTechnology Co.,ltd
Tel: 0563/3418899
Fax: 0563/3418889
Contact: li tao phone: 18805635688
Headquarters address: Li Qiao Industrial Zone, Xuanzhou, Xuancheng, Anhui

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